POINTS SOUTH: Songs by Jon Foose

          This is a collected sampling of songs I have written over the past five decades. Starting out as a curious kid recording blues songs and oral histories in the mid 60’s around home in the Mississippi delta, I started learning to play guitar and edging around the folk music craze. After four years in the Navy, I moved to Austin.

          1972 was the greatest moment to be in this catalyst city where outlaw country, redneck rock, and an established blues presence all coalesced into a hippy  hop free-for-all. I started performing, mostly sitting in doing my tunes here and there with others.    In 1976, I moved for a time to New Orleans, exploring the musical culture, writing more songs and doing more oral history recording. I also did some solo gigs at Mattassa’s Bar in the Quarter. That summer, the “Wild Tchoupitulas” album was released by the Neville Brothers and they formed The Neville Brothers Band. It was a watershed moment. I did a series of interviews with them that lay a foundation for a more organized collecting.

For the next eight years I was in New Orleans writing songs, I co-produced with Jason Berry, a television documentary, “Up From The Cradle Of Jazz” on musical families and co-authored the book, “Up From the Cradle of Jazz: New Orleans music after World War II” with Jason and Tad Jones.

I returned to Austin in 1985.  Ed Guinn, Tary Owen and I formed Red Drum Productions. We began recording and producing album projects with blues and jazz players who had been woefully under recorded, albums by T.D Bell & Erbie Bowser, Gray Ghost, and Long John Hunter. We received two Handy nominations.

Points South: Songs of Jon Foose is a production of my son, Daniel. His encouragement for me to dig out the dusty cassettes and digitize my efforts into an album is totally gratifying. Daniel organized this fine collection of musicians, wrote the musical charts, directed the sessions, played a boat-load of bass and patiently guided me around to the front side of the microphone.