POINTS South Liner Notes by Bill Bentley:

There are a very few people who can fill the world with an overwhelming spirit of stand-up soul just by walking into a room. When they're vertical and making their way forward, waves emanate off them in an unabashed generosity of groove, spreading a gracious glow wherever they go. The world is a better place for their there-ness. Jonathan Foose has always had that aura, and it continues now into his seventh decade running the streets and grabbing the beat. Lucky for listeners, he's now put it all down into his bodacious songs. 

     Foose grew up in the Mississippi Delta in a compound called Pluto (where else?) within dancing distance of Yazoo City. Once the young man busted loose, it was all over but the shouting. Foose did stints in the Navy in the Vietnam War and Ole Miss at Oxford during the life-changing '60s, not to mention those weird and wild years in New Orleans' French Quarter (hello Wanda's on Iberville!) and all over Austin through it all.  He heard the sonic calling of musical shapes and styles, and blended them into his own breathing being. The tall man's been chasing those sounds ever since. Finally making his album debut, Jonathan Foose has saved the best for now. These are songs that amplify life and love in a way others may attempt but can never achieve. "Evening Clothes," "Grandma's Wedding Ring," Patent Leather Pickup," "Drunk Before the Party," "Snowing in Nashville:" those are just for starters. Ten blissful tracks, astutely accompanied and amplified by the Gold Magnolias and other studio hard hitters, live now, never heard before. It's the beauty of one man's twinkling heart and how he's found a way to share it with the planet.      

-Bill Bentley 


Jon Foose- songwriter, vocals

Daniel Foose- producer, arranger, electric and acoustic bass

Jeff 'Double Clutch' Barton- drums

Keita Ogawa- percussion

Chris McQueen- guitars

Sean Fitzpatrick- piano

Brad Whitely- Organ, Keyboards

Ryan Anselmi- saxes and clarinet

Dan Blankinship- trumpet

John Davis, Bunker Studios- Engineering, Mixing

David Hamburger- Additional Tracking Engineer

Mike Kaladjian- mastering

Peggy Wise- Cover Art

Brian Maclaskey- Layout/Design